Expectation Email from Mrs. Gorman


Hi OLV Families!

Today the Governor announced that all Maryland schools would be closed until at least April 24th, and the Archbishop quickly supported that decision by announcing that Catholic Schools would do the same. While we know it is difficult during this time for everyone - students, faculty, and parents - we commit to doing our best to continue providing the learning and assessments of skills that will allow us to hit the ground running when we do return as a school community!

Attached please find three important pieces of communication: a letter from the Archdiocese announcing the school closure extension, another letter from the Superintendent outlining our steps as an organization to best meet your students' needs through remote education, and a reminder of the Archdiocesan Acceptable Use Policy for Electronics and School Devices, which has not been an issue thus far for our students, but will be reiterated consistently while we are teaching remotely and using electronic devices for communication and education.

Stay safe, be in touch with questions or concerns (all teachers are working and communicating with parents as necessary), and most of all, pray to God that we all see this crisis through with kind hearts and strong spirits.

Yours in Christ,

Mrs. Gorman, Principal - Our Lady of Victory

Letter to Parents from Dr. Hargens & Mr. Sellinger

Parent Letter From AOB

Acceptable Use Policy for the Internet and Technology


A special note from Mrs. Oliver.. Maintaining Mental Health


Hi OLV Families,

As we get to the end of Week 1 of our enforced Hiatus, I (and all of the faculty and staff at OLV) want to share our sincere appreciation for your patience and cooperation during this trying time. Rest assured that while we will continue to provide work and support to your students as best we can remotely through our various technology platforms, we understand that the stress and chaos of these times is affecting all of us in various ways. Everyone is asked to do their best, because this WILL end and we will need to get back to "normal", and want that to be productive for everyone from a basis of strength and not one of starting over. 

Please read the attached letter from me; it is filled with suggestions about how families can handle this time and come out stronger on the other end. Please pray for our community and our families, as we do every day as we miss your students and their sense of joy and adventure. 

Mrs. Gorman, Principal - Our Lady of Victory

Hiatus Suggestions


Hi OLV Families,

It's hard to believe that we are only on Day 3 of our enforced break...but what a week it's been!

Please read the attached letter as our weekly update. Our commitment to all of you is to provide as much instruction, review, and peace of mind as possible through this trying time in our nation's history; I truly believe that we will look back on this as a historical event some day.

God Bless all of you, and please let us know if there is anything we can do for your student or your family in the meantime.

Keep those students working hard, and we will of course be in contact immediately should there be any information that you need to know on an immediate basis.

Mrs. Gorman, Principal - Our Lady of Victory

Weekly Update


Hi OLV Families,

Wow - what a day of preparation for our enforced time away from the building for two weeks. The teachers and I have been preparing for this eventuality all week, but one day's notice is a lot to ask, and I would like to acknowledge the hard work done by our entire staff over the past day to prepare for the next two weeks.

Attached please find some specific information about a special assignment during our time off to reinforce our writing curriculum and work towards a school-wide book about our interesting year. There is also a note regarding students' technology use, as we have decided to allow those students who have been assigned Chromebooks to take them home during this time so that work can be more easily facilitated while working from home.

Those students who were unfortunately not in school today will need to have their materials and technology picked up between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. any day next week so that they do not fall too far behind and end up with two weeks of work to make up when we return. Some classes were issues novels, packets of work, or other information today, and it is critical that the information be picked up as soon as possible.

Finally, allow me to thank each of you for your support during this trying time; we will be sending out more general information as we receive it from the Archdiocese, but we really wanted to get this specific information out as soon as possible.

God Bless Us, Every One!

Mrs. Gorman, Principal - Our Lady of Victory School

Technology Letter for Grades 3-8

Journal Letter