Arts & Music

Our Lady of Victory Catholic School students participate in creative and high energy arts and music programs.  


All Our Lady of Victory Catholic School PreK3-8th grade students participate in weekly art classes. These classes give our students experiences with a variety of tools, techniques, and processes to create their own artwork. All year long, student artwork is displayed in our main hallway for everyone to enjoy. Additionally art work is displayed at the Giant on Wilkens Avenue. 


Drama group is an after school activity to the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. There are various jobs if acting is not their area of interest. Mr. Zurowski, is our drama coach, along with Mrs. Schomaker, Mrs. Little, Mrs. Buivys, and Mrs. Judson. The crew consists of one person to operate the sound, one for lights, and several others who are needed to move the set on and off the stage. We meet The drama club meets Thursdays after school from 3pm to 4pm starting in October. Drama starts out by reading the play with the entire group and playing theater games to get everyone comfortable. 

The experience of performing live on stage in front of an audience is daunting, but by the time the show is ready there is a remarkable difference in the students. The drama program believes the process builds confidence, helps the students with public speaking, teaches them to work together, and to depend on each other. Students become very supportive of one another. Acting is reacting so they need to listen so that they can react. Theater games help with listening skills, and creativity. Finally, we talk about the different types of plays and performing on different types of stages in the hope that our children will have the confidence and experience to audition in high school and college. 

In the Spring, the Drama Club presents a performance of a musical or play. Middle School students prepare after school beginning in October and continue until the show in the Spring. The club hosts multiple performances including one for the students during school hours and performances over a weekend for families and members of the school and church community. A nominal fee is charged for tickets and the proceeds benefit the Drama Club. 


Music at Our Lady of Victory Catholic School is taught from PreK3 through 8th grade. Younger children learn music concepts through song, dance, movement, and use of classroom instruments. Third grade learns more about reading musical notes and playing the recorder. Fourth and Fifth grades learn about composers, music theory, and music composition, and also participate in World Drumming and Bucket Drumming. Middle school music closely follows the social studies unit and classes work on performance projects through the year.

Practices are Tuesday mornings from 7:20 am - 7:50 am in the Church. The Choir performs during select Masses during the year. 


Band at Our Lady of Victory Catholic School is offered in grades 4-8 for students who would like to join. This instrumental music program is designed to provide cultural and character-building lessons to enhance curriculum. The mental and physical disciplines involved in learning to ready and play music can be of immeasurable value to a child. The fact that a child learns to play a musical instrument gives him/her an added degree of self-confidence. The band depends upon teamwork and teaches responsibility. Band members receive a thirty-minute lesson once a week on Thursdays. Performances take place throughout the school year. 

In mid-December, students participate in an evening concert of Christmas Music. The students' chorus and band also perform. Families are invited to attend. 

Talent Show

Open to all OLV Students! A yearly event where students show off their talents! the 8th Grade Students are featured in this production. There may even be a guest performer or two! The Talent Show is hosted by the NJHS.