Clubs & Activities

Our Lady of Victory offers many extra-curricular activities that provide opportunity for academic enrichment, social engagement, and spiritual growth.

  • National Junior Honor Society - One of the nation's oldest and most prestigious organizations for middle school students, the National Junior Honor Society members are selected by the OLV chapter's faculty for meeting the high standards of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship.
  • It's Academic - The It's Academic Club at OLV prepares students for quiz bowl type competitions focusing on booth academic religious, and "daily life" material. The club normally meets a couple days per week at lunch and/or recess and then one afternoon per week to prepare for competitions, which normally occur on Saturday mornings about three or four times per year. Students in grades 6-8 are invited to participate, with the hope that as students gain more knowledge and experience they move up the ladder to our top teams and prevail against other local Archdiocesan Schools. 
  • Children's Choir - Students rehearse and perform various styles and genres of music. There any many benefits to Performing Art, this one is building confidence through services & performances at Mass and Community events.
  • Band - Our Lady of Victory Catholic School works with the Instrumental Music of Baltimore to provide small group music instruction to our students. Students perform during the Christmas Program, as well as the Spring HSA meeting.
  • Alter Servers - For students in fifth grade through eighth grades, alter servers provide assistance to the priest during the Catholic Mass.
  • Cafe Con Charla ~ Spanish Club - This club meets throughout the year during lunch with Ms. Wobbeking to deepen their knowledge of Spanish.
  • Cooking Club - Each week the students create a recipe from scratch to promote healthy eating habits. From the variety of food choices children learn about different cultures. The club allows the students to put their math skills to good use as they weigh and measure ingredients. 
  • Scrabble Club - Scrabble club meets after school on Fridays for friendly competitions. Students hone their spelling skills and learn strategies to maximize point values for each play. Fun challenges like word-unscrambles keep the members of this hour-long club on their toes. Doing math and spelling on a Friday afternoon? Members are having too much fun to even realize they are learning too!
  • Science Club ~ Upcycling Club - Students use old materials to create something new and improved.
  • Drama Club (Aladdin Jr.) - Students rehearse and perform a drama, or musical production. There are many benefits to Performing Art, this one is building confidence through rehearsals and performances.
  • Robotics - more information to come on our robotics club!
  • Walking Club - Students meet after school and walk the wonderful Our Lady of Victory campus. It is a great way to get out into nature and see all of God's great work.
  • Board Games Club - 3rd-5th graders, come play some classic board games that you know and love and lean to play some new games that you will get to know and love!
  • Campfire Jams - Students come to learn campfire songs and games, and they get to sing along with a guitar! They learn teamwork and taking turns along with the new games and songs! It is a blast. 
  • Anatomy Club -  The anatomy club exposes 6th through 8th graders who have an interest in the human or animal health care professions to basic anatomy through a hands-on and experimental approach.
  • Martial Arts Club - Students meet after school and learn simple Martial Art Skills. 
  • Bible Study - Students in this club get to dive into scripture together in a fun and engaging way! They read the Bible together, learn to use the Bible to pray, and make fun crafts and projects based on scripture verses!
  • Pokemon Club - Students meet Friday afternoons and play Pokemon with each other. They are working on sharing and understanding skills.